Pope St. Boniface I
Pope St. Celestine

Council of Ephesus (3rd Ecumenical Council)
Does Lateran 649 prove Papal Infallibility?

Pope St. Leo
St. Maximos the Confessor

Quote Banks (Florilegia) & Supplements

All Bishops are Successors of Peter
Divorce & Remarriage
Essence Energies Distinction in the Church Fathers P.1 
Essence Energies Distinction in the Church Fathers P.2

Letters of Pope Honorius & Monothelite Texts
Limbo, Orthodoxy, and the fate of Unbaptized Infants
Rebaptism, Chrismation & the Reception of Converts
What makes a Council “Ecumenical”? Part 1
What makes a Council “Ecumenical”? Part 2

Important Scholarly Pieces

The Council of Trullo was Ecumenical in the West
Ecumenical Councils – Presidency and Procedure
Episcopacy & Apostolic Succession according to Hincmar of Rheims
Gregory the Great and the 6th Century Dispute over the Ecumenical Title
On Auctoritas (authority)


Is the Papacy Biblical? | Suan Sonna vs. Ubi Petrus
Orthodox vs. RC Papacy Debate Review | Erick Ybarra vs Fr. Ramsey on Matt Fradd’s Pints With Aquinas

Replies to Apologists

Erick Ybarra


Livestream with Jay Dyer (January 24th 2020)


Answering Reason & Theology’s “Responding to Eastern Orthodox objections to the Papacy Parts 1 & 2”