Pope St. Boniface I
Pope St. Celestine

Council of Ephesus (3rd Ecumenical Council)
Does Lateran 649 prove Papal Infallibility?

Pope St. Leo
St. Maximos the Confessor


Quote Banks (Florilegia) & Supplements

All Bishops are Successors of Peter
Divorce & Remarriage
Essence Energies Distinction in the Church Fathers P.1 
Essence Energies Distinction in the Church Fathers P.2

Letters of Pope Honorius & Monothelite Texts
Limbo, Orthodoxy, and the fate of Unbaptized Infants
What makes a Council “Ecumenical”? Part 1

Important Scholarly Pieces

The Council of Trullo was Ecumenical in the West
Ecumenical Councils – Presidency and Procedure
Episcopacy & Apostolic Succession according to Hincmar of Rheims
Gregory the Great and the 6th Century Dispute over the Ecumenical Title
On Auctoritas (authority)

Replies to Apologists

Erick Ybarra


Livestream with Jay Dyer (January 24th 2020)


Answering Reason & Theology’s “Responding to Eastern Orthodox objections to the Papacy Parts 1 & 2”