What Makes a Council Ecumenical? Part II (A Florilegium)

As in part one, the quotations will be broken into groups and hyperlinked. We highly recommend you read part one since it has more quotations than part two and the introduction gives important context and analysis.

We have broken these quotations into the following two groups, you can click on the hyperlinks to be taken to each one.

  1. Universal consensus of bishops: Council of Nicaea I, Eusebius of Caesarea, Emperor St. Constantine the Great, Sozomen, Pope St. Gelasius, Council of Constantinople III, Council of Nicaea II, St. Photius the Great.
  2. Patriarchal ratification: Council of Nicaea II.

“In the first place, then, the impiety and guilt of Arius and his adherents were examined into, in the presence of our most religious emperor Constantine: and it was unanimously decided that his impious opinion should be anathematized, with all the blasphemous expressions he has uttered, in affirming that ‘the Son of God sprang from nothing,’ and that ‘there was a time when he was not’; saying moreover that ‘the Son of God, because possessed of free will, was capable either of vice or virtue; and calling him a creature and a work. All these sentiments the holy Synod has anathematized, having scarcely patience to endure the hearing of such an impious opinion, or, rather, madness, and such blasphemous words.”

– Letter of the Council of Nicaea to the Church in Alexandria. Socrates, Ecc. Hist. Book 1, Ch. 9. NPNF Vol. 2

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