MHFM/VaticanCatholic Refuted on Orthodoxy & Ecumenical Councils | When LARPing goes Wrong

What is it that makes a council ecumenical? What sets the standard for a binding and dogmatic council in the Orthodox Church? Contrary to what some have recently said, there is an objective and canonical standard stating what it is. Why is the Council of Florence not an ecumenical council for us? We created this video in response to one by the Dimond Brothers claiming we have no standard and also claiming that Florence was an ecumenical council for us. Ever since several of their followers converted to Orthodoxy, the Sedevacantist and self-proclaimed monks known as the “Dimond Brothers” of the so-called “Most Holy Family Monastery” have raged against the Orthodox Church making slanderous accusations and they have gone unchallenged in this – until today. Throughout Spring and Summer 2021, we will be publishing a series of videos debunking the nonsense the Trailer-ites have been spewing out via their Youtube channel, “Vatican Catholic. “First half is on Youtube, the entire video is available to Patreon subs. Many thanks to our Patrons whose continued support enables us to create more material like this and at more frequent intervals.

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