Debate: the Role of the Pope in the 1st Millenium – John Collorafi vs. Ubi Petrus

In this debate on whether or not the Pope had a role in line with Vatican 1 within the first millennium, the Catholic apologist who goes by the pen name “John Collorafi” joins us to debate the question. Mr. John Collorafi has translated books on Fatima and Padre Pio from French and Latin and is also familiar with Koine Greek. He is a Latin mass enthusiast and author of the book “Keys Over the Christian World” wherein he argues for the Papal claims of the Roman Catholic Church. This book is available in PDF form.

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Papacy Debate: The Role of the Pope in the 1st Millenium | John Collorafi vs. Ubi Petrus – YouTube

3 thoughts on “Debate: the Role of the Pope in the 1st Millenium – John Collorafi vs. Ubi Petrus

  1. Any synod has the right to take a group into their communion. Granting them autocephaly is something else entirely, though. In the past, the establishment of a patriarchate, such as the Bulgarian Church in 1235, was done with the permission/acceptance of all of the patriarchates and, keep in mind, the Bulgarian Church had been in the Unia for roughly three decades just prior to that. IIRC, they were received in and then immediately granted a patriarchate. What differentiates the situation in Ukraine from the Bulgarian one is that the EP did it without the permission of the other patriarchates, which is part of the reason, I assume, he is in such a rush to obtain recognition for his ‘creation’ in Ukraine.


    1. Peter

      Thanks for answering that.

      Follow-up question:

      At what point does a patriarchate become schismatic? If the OCU is indeed schismatic and is not validly ordained, doesn’t that make Patriarch Bartholomew, Patriarch Theodore and others who have concelebrated with them schismatic as well?

      Does that mean the entire Patriarchate of Constantinople, Greece, Alexandria, etc., become schismatic as well, or, is it just those individual clergy in those Patriarchates who have concelebrated with the OCU?

      Just trying to wrap my head around the situation.


  2. Peter

    Hey Ubi, I am a Roman Catholic convert to Orthodoxy and had a question regarding the current role of the Ecumenical Patriarch.

    If the role of Rome passed on to the next in the dyptics, and the role of appellate passes to Constantinople, did Patriarch Bartholomew actually the authority of regularizing the Ukrainian schismatics?


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