Debate: Pope St. Agatho, the 6th Ecumenical Council, and Papal Infallibility

Papacy Debate: Pope St. Agatho, the 6th EC & Papal Infallibility | Dr. James Likoudis vs. Ubi Petrus – YouTube

We host Catholic Apologist Dr. James Likoudis for an informal debate on whether or not Pope St. Agatho’s letters to the 6th Ecumenical Council prove papal infallibility. The free half ends moments after Ubi begins his 20 minute presentation, using the council acts themselves, on why the letters do not prove papal infallibility but instead prove collegiality. Dr. James Likoudis has gladly accepted our invitation and we are very honoured to host him. Therefore, we ask all viewers to respect his wishes and be polite and amicable in the comments section. Likoudis is a convert to Catholicism from Greek Orthodoxy and has been a Catholic apologist and defender of the Papacy for many years.

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