DEBATE: Is the Papacy Biblical? | Suan Sonna vs. Ubi Petrus

We host Catholic Apologist Suan Sonna for a discussion/debate on whether or not there is a link between Isaiah 22 and Matthew 16, as well as other Biblical evidence to determine whether or not these prove the Roman Catholic teachings on the Papacy.

Suan has gladly accepted our invitation and we are very honoured not only to host him but be hosted by him. Therefore, we ask all viewers to respect his wishes and be polite and amicable in the comments section of the two live streams.

Suan is a convert to Catholicism and is a published author as well as a passionate defender of the Papacy, we greatly look forward to this engagement.

Our Patreon.​

You can find Suan’s channel here.

Suan’s academia page with his publications can be found here.

Here is the interview we did at his channel.

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