Live Stream with Jay Dyer Jan. 24th

I am pleased to announce that on January 24th, I will have the honor of doing a live stream with Jay Dyer.

We will be discussing my Catholic upbringing, being a ‘rad trad,’ my conversion to Orthodox Christianity and how my family took it, dealing with “papal quote mines,” Latin language and why it is important, the articles on Ubi Petrus and why they are being written, and, of course, a little bit about our favorite Catholic pop-apologist, Erick T. Ybarra and why we are going after him first. Questions from the audience will follow.

Because two-thirds of our views come from the US, these are the starting times in the respective time zones:
7:30 pm Eastern ST
6:30 pm Central ST
5:30 pm Mountain ST
4:30 pm Pacific ST
3:30 pm Alaska ST
2:30 pm Hawaii-Aleutian ST


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